The Process Sucks...Accent Mugs

Welcome to my page! My name is GEM.

And though my name reflects something that is luminous and gleaming, I have to admit that I'm a bit cynical:-). Well, sometimes. I just live in my truth. 

I am thankful, on the other hand, to be able to speak on things that I perceive to be injustices, hard spots in my life, or just things in general where speaking up about them helps.

Yes, I am very expressive. If it is in me and is possibly causing me harm, it is going to come out of me. Not in a venomous or uncouth way, just from a way of relief. To purge. Its opposite effect [to hold it in] is not an option for me.

At the end of the day, it's essentially living and owning my truth from a place of self-care and wellness. Not from a place of asking permission or forgiveness. 

TRUST The Process Sucks…But!

TRUST The Process Sucks…But” is a statement of one’s belief or feeling about a particular situation. The statement is followed by an affirmation, inspiration or motivational response regarding said situation. The word “TRUST” has a slash through it. The slash signifies the rejection of the platitude “Trust the Process” and instead embraces the idea that the process sometimes sucks. But, TRUST The Process Sucks is only part of the sentiment. After I have expressed my thoughts about the process, I’m ready to be affirmed. I’m ready to be motivated. I’m ready to go on through the process!

GEM Medley’s products and messaging tells you that being honest about your journey is healthy and promotes WELLNESS FROM WITHIN!  Offering quippy and sarcastic, yet motivating and inspiring messaging, GEM presents to you funny accent mugs to flavor your favorite go-to beverages!